Wednesday, 15 August 2012

On Rahul Gandhi, Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev

 Anyone who reads this piece will wonder why have I clubbed them together, what is common between them.The answer is: all three are national assets but are being misused by interested parties. It is a pity that their lack of maturity or excessive enthusiasm for certain causes or insatiable desire to be in the limelight is allowing them to be misused.

First about Rahul Gandhi. This young man of 42 years has many natural advantages. Being born in the first family has given him stature above others. He has also inherited in his genes a fervent spirit of nationalism, patriotism, democracy and secularism. In the last five years or more, he has toured the country extensively and acquired grass roots experience of problems of the country. But he lacks adequate administrative experience and political acumen. Governing a large and complex country like India is not easy. Those who are advocating that he should be given the responsibility of Prime Ministership in 2014, if possible even earlier, are doing so for selfish reasons. The right course would be to make him a Minister in the central cabinet in 2014, if the UPA wins elections. He has years on his side. He should assume the top most responsibility at the appropriate time.

Anna Hazare is a dedicated social worker. He has proved his sincerity and capibility at the village level. His desire to improve the moral fibre of the nation is unquestionable. But his strategies are wrong. Again, he has been wrongly advised by those who want to ride his bandwagon  and make personal political gain.

Baba Ramdev has served the nation splendidly in the field of Yoga. The reputation that he gained as a result has whetted his appetite to be more popular to exercise indirect power over people and politicians. Since the major opposition parties today are devoid of credible agenda and are ridden with leadership crisis, they have tried to latch on to Baba Ramdev. This gave him a false sense of importance and indispensibility at the present political juncture and led him to stage a comeback at Ramlila maidan. He would be wasting his credibility as a Yoga guru if he persists in these misadventures and that would be a loss to the nation.